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About Lahore

Lahore was one of the premier Mughal cities which hosted the Imperial Court under three emperors – Akbar, Jahangir & Shah Jahan. Later, it served as the capital of Maharaja Ranjit Singh and the powerful Sikh Kingdom of the Punjab. Its role in the evolution of Pakistan was virtually guaranteed by the city serving as the birthplace of the Pakistan Resolution which was passed here in 1940.

From the 16th century English poet, John Milton, to the flamboyant Italian visitor Nicolo Manucci during the 17th century, Lahore was one of the most famous cities in the East, an embodiment of fabulous wealth and splendor.

Lahore continues to be the beacon and center of education, culture and business opportunity in Pakistan. Vast infrastructure projects across the city have made Lahore one of the progressive and business-friendly cities in Pakistan. The Greater Lahore Area now stretches from Kasur to Gujranwala and Sialkot and within proximity to the industrial & textile heartland of the nation; Faisalabad. Lahore offers unparalleled educational, business and lifestyle opportunities. The city is now host to a wide selection of international retail brands spread across premium retail centers including several high end shopping malls. Lahore is home to the performing arts and literary festivals and adds tremendous quality to life.

The Concept

We believe in creating living spaces like no other in Pakistan. By integrating the factors of comfort, luxury and security for traditional villas, our innovative and unique vertical residential gated community is the key concept of The Springs Apartment Homes.

Springs Apartment Key Features

  • Gated Community
  • Royal Club
  • Fine Dining
  • Food Court
  • Gym
  • Swimming Pool
  • Cinema
  • Car Parking
  • Housing Keeping

Local Amenities

• Food court
• Movie theater
• Play area for children
• Rooftop restaurant
• Cigar and coffee lounges
• Sauna and spa
• Swimming pools with lifeguards
• Squash court
• Basketball court
• Table tennis facilities
• Janitorial Staff
• Security
• Maintenance free Living
• Super Market